Diving Into Belgian Fashion

Belgium has emerged as a fashion hub for innovative styles and chic updates. The country has come a long way from the 'Antwerp Six', and consistently births designers who challenge norms and bring interesting concepts into the fashion world. Here are some amazing and influential Belgian brands, fresh on the Playologie marketplace.

APA Intemporal
Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning water, Apa Intemporal creates outerwear that combines technology and luxury. The clean silhouettes and classic details impart a chic and elegant look while the expertise of extreme sports in the use of fabric leads to a product that is not only adaptable to every kind of weather but also lightweight. With the triple climate-shell lining, you’re neither cooked alive nor frozen to the bones.

PS: The brand has also collaborated with a Dzaino, a German fashion studio to upcycle the excess production material into contemporary travel pouches.

Instagram: @apa.intemporal

Catalina J
Dedicated to modern femininity, Catalina J brings forth a strong visual identity of elaborate lines and sharp details. The brand caters to a modern, urban spirit with the balance of geometric cuts and feminine grace. In a continuous search of inspirational themes, Catalina J bases its designs on the elements found in art, architecture and technology. The collections dive deep to capture the hidden truth of life with a strong voice of identity and juxtaposition.

PS: The mythical narrative with concrete imagery hints at an undertone of poetry making the brand more personal and relatable.

Instagram: @catalina__j

Inspired by the colours, the handwork and the unique fabrics of India, Détail is an accessories brand crafted with natural and sustainable materials. Made with recovered leather, each handbag has a story attached to it. The brand also creates delicate, contemporary jewellery out of gemstones and silver. Détail believes in fair fashion and ensures that their products are made in an honest way.

PS: Every product is handmade by local artisans in their Indian ateliers, thus helping local economy and boosting worldwide exposure.

Instagram: @detail_collection

Farrah Floyd
This Brussels based womenswear label works on an emotional high to create designs that are forever cherished by the wearer. Farrah Floyd hopes that every product they make is eventually passed down the generation to be valued for the strong emotional attachment. With zero-waste pattern drafting and the use of sustainable, high-quality materials the brand is dedicated to reducing waste.

PS: Farrah Floyd uses a special technique of rectangular patterns of different dimensions that are fitted together to form a dress. This enables them to use the entire piece of fabric without any leftover pieces.

Instagram: @farrah_floyd

Inspired by the Latin word ‘felidae’ meaning feline, Antwerp’s Feliae is a high-end accessory brand that crafts the timeless silk square. Believing in gender equality, the unisex silk scarves highlight our urban outfits with the gorgeous patterns of flora and fauna from various countries.

PS: The scarves help to bring out an adventurous personality that is infinite and unbound.

Instagram: @feliaeofficial

With roots in artistic design practices, Janue focuses on authenticity, creativity and sustainability. The brand aims at creating designs that transcend the barriers of trends and seasons. Working with small Belgian ateliers, Janue heavily emphasizes the relationship between the textures of the fabric and their touch on the human skin. With local production and limited, seasonal pieces the brand works as ecologically as possible.

PS: Janue gives great importance to research and analysing the insights derived from it. As such, it focuses on a wide variety of sources, from art and literature to philosophy and anthropology.

Instagram: @januebrussels

Les Vraies Filles
Made for modern women, Les Vraies Filles focuses on intricate pieces that can be worn in a casual and a dressy way. The brand ensures that their products ooze comfort, character and confidence – a necessity for the modern existence. The pieces are designed for everyday wear and adapt easily to the demanding lifestyle of the urban woman.

PS: Les Vraies Filles is more than just fashion; it is a state of mind that helps the wearer transform into the confident young women that they are.

Instagram: @lesvraiesfilles_

Marie Laurence Stevigny
A contemporary accessory brand, Marie Laurence Stevigny creates marvellous little accessories that are versatile for everyday use. The brand believes that pockets are the best companions no matter where you go, and thus crafts light, genderless pocket bags that can be held in seven different ways and styled with 10 different straps.

PS: The handbags are lined with RFID technology to protect the user from contactless identity theft!

Instagram: @mlsmarielaurencestevigny

Penda, meaning love, is a high-end, luxurious clothing line that produces fashion with one aim – to make the wearer look confident and gorgeous. The elegant and dainty products adapt to the changing moments of the day, ensuring that the wearer not only looks good but also feels good in them. Penda believes in creating an identity that is bigger than just their products, a part of something more important than just fashion.

PS: Penda builds a whole new universe of soft romantic lines, intricate details and flawless craftsmanship to create strong, beautiful women.

Instagram: @pendabrussels

A premium athleisure and sportswear brand, RectoVerso harvests the raw, female power that lies within their users’ core. With a combination of smart fabrics and sophisticated designs, the brand creates products that not only enhance physical performance but also leave you feeling strong enough to take on the world. RectoVerso wants to be more than just a sportswear brand, they aim to be a way of bold yet refined living.

PS: The performance fabrics are developed in partnership with Liebaert Textiles to ensure highest comfort and breathability.

Instagram: @rectoversosports

Sarah Levy
Also known as the sociologist of accessories, designer Sarah Levy creates products that reveal the tragic-comic aesthetics of everyday life. Her pieces highlight the different postures of our life that wouldn’t exist without our obsessive use of certain products. Her accessories bring about a different meaning to our contemporary habits that give us a new viewpoint on us and the extensions of ourselves in our surroundings.

PS: Levy aims to bring into focus our attachment to everyday objects, and their power to change the way we portray ourselves.

Instagram: @_sarah_levy

Thelma & Louise Antwerp
An effortlessly chic, playful and feminine brand, Thelma & Louise creates pieces that reconcile the modern and the classic. The trendy yet timeless pieces bring together different personalities of the wearer. With the juxtaposition of adventure and elegance, Thelma & Louise ensures that the brand has something for every mood.

PS: At Thelma & Louise, one can find different but complimentary pieces that bring together the yin and the yang of your wardrobe.

Instagram: @thelmalouise_antwerp

Mitalee Deshpande

Wednesday May 20, 2020

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